Aeolian Desk

Aeolian takes experimental fabrication methods to new territories by aligning meticulous craftsmanship of stack lamination and laminate bending to the organic beauty that resides in the wake of climatic erosion. The Desk is hand carved out of Ash, with the curvaceous laminate leg consisting of over 200 hundred layers of constructional veneer.

Inspired by the endless curves and twists of the Navajo rock formations in Arizona, the research into these rock formations is evident in the design and aesthetics of the piece. An artistic representation of the cause and effect of incessant weather patterns in Arizona. Captivated by the unrelenting wind and rain on sandstone in the Navajo region; the frame of the desk embodies the magnificence of the rock formation whilst the spiralling leg is expressive of the turbulent, unpredictable wind currents which are the catalyst for a metamorphosis from a jagged rawness to a sleek, effortless finish. 

Materials: Ash   |   Finish: White Oil   |   Edition: One of a Kind   |   Dimensions:   W 240cm x D 76cm x H 74cm